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When words fail, music speaks
William Shakespeare
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I don’t sing because I am happy, I am happy because I sing
William James
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Welcome to the World of Sounds and Words!

V-Bopp is an early childhood music and dance curriculum that introduces children to music, movement, words and concepts
specially designed for kinesthetic learning in a school environment.

Who says we can learn ONLY while sitting down?

Let’s stand up
Move and Learn

Having experience of over a decade working with music as a tool for learning in the early childhood space, our ultimate aim is to have happy, confident children with abilities to explore the world. We aim to get the Mini’s to fall in love with the learning and to associate school’s with laughter, fun and joy.
Music education in school is a must. V-Bopp is a ready tool for teachers to conduct classes with consistency and ease. A Music and Dance curriculum that is Smart, Effective and Affordable.
Our internally acquired music coupled with structured, class by class curriculum and teachers training resources transmitted through our app makes V-Bopp is very flexible program to adopt and implement.
We offer curriculums for five grade levels at a fixed annual package per grade. Preschools or K-12 schools, with 50 students or 5000 students, we can support both ends

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